How Barcelona Remind Global Fans about Games

Fan Engagement, Sports Marketing

More than ever before, clubs need to have a global presence. Understanding and communicating with your international fans are a key to building your brand past your native country.

Barcelona is one club who has taken this into account. Here is one simple way in which they communicate with their fans from China to Chile.


As you can see its a simple image (and not necessarily a beautiful one) – but the thing to note is that they are trying to make it as easy as possible for fans to follow their matches.

I personally don’t like the design, and find it hard to read, but the idea is right. It follows the ‘Don’t make me think’ principle whereby global fans can just look at the time in their zone and see when they need to get to follow Barcelona’s feed.

It’s smart, it’s simple – let’s just hope they make it easier to read the image.

What are you doing to make the experience for your users/fans as simple as possible?