Buffon winning MVP award

Fan Engagement: How The Top Team in Italy Excels at Fan Interactions

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I am a Serie A fan, but definitely not a Juve fan. It’s nothing to do with the club per se, but more as a result of their dominance in the Italian league. I like to see different clubs competing for the Scudetto, and always having one team winning can become tiresome.

Nevertheless, I have been very impressed with their marketing, and today I want to highlight one aspect – which is how they provide unique opportunities for their fans.

In this tweet we see Brazilian Teodoro with exclusive access to the pitch and to a player. You can see from his face that this is an incredible moment.

Providing this unique opportunity shows that they care about their fans and is consistent with their dedication to providing experiences for what they call JMembers.

The MVP award that Buffon is receiving in the image above was also voted by the fans, as is done after every game, so not only does an individual fan have his dreams come true, but each of the Juve fans from around the world are part of that moment. Like New York City FC have recently done with their City Voice site, Juventus give the fans a chance to contribute to the club.

Take a look at the full experience here:

What can other clubs take away from this?

Look for opportunities with your club where you can turn the spotlight to your fans – often at no cost. Give your supporters the chance to be close to the club and it’s players and then promote these events when they take place.


Increasing Season Tickets Sales: Orlando SC Tries Referral Program

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In an effort to drive season ticket sales before their inaugural season in the MLS, Orlando SC have started a referral push.

I am a big believer in referrals and leveraging the community and advocates you already have following your product – so is good to see Orlando taking this approach. The likes of Uber, Airbnb, Seamless are new tech companies which have relied heavily on referral systems and looks to have worked well for them.

Their offer of 5% credit is not massive, but at the minimum for fans who are already recommending friends, it is an added bonus to get them to push their friends to sign on the dotted line for a season ticket.

There were 59 clicks on this twitter post as of Jan 20th [see https://bitly.com/1yGKICY+] from their 54k+ twitter followers, which shows some interest in this campaign, but this type of initiative may need to be sent out a number of times across multiple channels to make sure all season ticket holders know of, and are reminded of, the opportunity at hand.

What other referral programs at sports events have you seen?

Why Your Business Doesn’t Need to be on Every Social Network

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At Milkcart, Marnie and Ryan have built a strong business on limited resources with smart marketing and a great product.

In this interview, we take a look at how much their social media presence has influenced their sales.

Why SnapChat is an Incredible Marketing Tool for Events

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I absolutely love how SnapChat is being used to allow people to experience different events like the World Cup this year in Brazil. People often attend events for the experience. The roar of the crowd, the comradery from your friends who are attending with you, the buzz you get from the beats blaring from the stage. Only if you are there can you really get a feeling of what it the event is like. That is until Snapchat launched ‘Our Story’ over a month ago. SnapChat brings the experience so much closer to home with videos from the eyes of the attendees and performers. Videos and images from inside and outside the event help you get more of a sense of what it’s like to be there. I could see this being used in so many ways for marketing, but definitely if a sports brand wants to put bums on seats as a stadium. You can watch a game from home, but nothing beats the feeling when a team scores at a packed house. If I saw an incredible atmosphere at a game, I know that I would be tempted to go to their next one. Everyone lives to feel alive – and events like soccer or football matches help you do that. While tv generally brings the game closer, it is Snapchat which gives you a ‘Behind the Scenes’ view of the event. Let’s take a quick look at today’s Live stories.

How Airbnb’s New York Ad Campaign Worked

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Airbnb are one of my favorite startup companies. I have rented my apartment in Shanghai, and stayed in rented rooms in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Montreal, and New York and the experience has always been top notch.

One of the surprises when I arrived in New York was the lack of airbnb listings in the city. Soon enough I found out that the room sharing business had met resistance from the local government and specifically the hotel business.

In an attempt to garner support from locals in the city and to increase general awareness, airbnb have run an extensive campaign in the city. Let’s take a look at some of the marketing they had in place.