About This Blog

About ‘Sports Marketing Hacks’

This blog looks at cool sports marketing campaigns around the world.

I want to look at how other teams, be it football, american football or any sport, manage their marketing successfully so others can learn from them.

I focus primarily on acquisition (getting people to the stadium) as my passion for sports has always been seeing full stadiums. Without the fans, there is nothing.

Ross Cranwell

About Ross Cranwell

Irish. Partially Kiwi. In NYC.

Marketer. Entrepreneur. Messer.

Loves football. Especially Italian football. Better at tennis. Runs, but no marathons, thanks.

Find me here on Linkedin and Twitter.


One thought on “About This Blog

  1. Been reading a few of your articles here on the site and have really enjoyed them, appreciate the good info. I wanted to reach out to you to see if you would want to do a blog post for my site spongecoach.com. I would love to cross promote with you. We are blogging platform to educate and inspire coaches, athletes, and the industry pros straight from the professional’s point of view. We have many college coaches and athletes writing for us and I would be thrilled if you’d be interested! Thanks, James

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