11-Year Old Wins Official Scottish Goal of the Month Award

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Once again Celtic’s community efforts stand out in the soccer world with this latest gesture in Scotland. Last time we saw how the club offered free tickets to unemployed Glaswegians, and this time they did something equally special with the help of Hamilton.

11-year old, Wee Jay Beatty,– who has Down’s syndrome – was invited by Celtic to take a penalty against Hamilton. Not only did he get the chance to score a goal, but they also entered him in the official goal of the month — and he won!

Props to Celtic, Hamilton and the Scottish league for slotting him amongst the best players in the league.

There are some absolute cracking goals in the short video, but nothing can beat the joy as Jay scored his special penalty.

For the final part of this amazing story, former Celtic player, Samaras, announced Jay as the winner.

Soccer and sports clubs worldwide can learn from this gesture that really shows what a team can do to create magical moments for people in the community.



One thought on “11-Year Old Wins Official Scottish Goal of the Month Award

  1. Community relations play a huge role in marketing efforts by all sports teams. I am thrilled to be seeing acts like this and more made my my favorite sports and favorite teams. So much positivity can be made from this, such as more exposure, growth in the fan base, fan interaction, and a positive influence on the community. When others see those whom they look up to do good within the community, it may influence others in society to do the same. This is wonderful. Kudos to Celtic.

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