An Incredibly Creative Way to Highlight Fans

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We have talked in past articles about how clubs put fans pictures on everything from shirts to buses. Well, now you can get your little head on right on to the football pitch – during a huge game!

Juventus FC are offering fans the opportunity to have their faces shown on the pitch side advertising for the game against AC Milan this February.


Imagine your face on the side advertising as your favourite striker runs with the ball in your beloved stadium — in front of tens of thousands of supporters in person – and millions of viewers worldwide.

Yes, this campaign is pretty cool.

Let’s take a look at the details.

IMG_2244So, the prize is to have your photo on the side advertising.

To start the process you need to download the Juve app (smart marketing hack #1 – as is an opportunity to get more visibility for their app)

Once the app has been downloaded, you need to submit your photo and then get your friends to vote on that photo (smart marketing hack #2 – as drives further recognition of the campaign and the club).

This campaign is a clever use of what is available to the Juventus marketing team. With a certain portion of pitch-side advertising, they can be creative as they like. You will often see clubs advertising their own app or tickets to future games, but this fan engagement campaign is very clever and I hope it succeeds.

Keep an eye out on February 7th to see this campaign in action.


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