Increasing Season Tickets Sales: Orlando SC Tries Referral Program

Sports Marketing, US Marketing

In an effort to drive season ticket sales before their inaugural season in the MLS, Orlando SC have started a referral push.

I am a big believer in referrals and leveraging the community and advocates you already have following your product – so is good to see Orlando taking this approach. The likes of Uber, Airbnb, Seamless are new tech companies which have relied heavily on referral systems and looks to have worked well for them.

Their offer of 5% credit is not massive, but at the minimum for fans who are already recommending friends, it is an added bonus to get them to push their friends to sign on the dotted line for a season ticket.

There were 59 clicks on this twitter post as of Jan 20th [see] from their 54k+ twitter followers, which shows some interest in this campaign, but this type of initiative may need to be sent out a number of times across multiple channels to make sure all season ticket holders know of, and are reminded of, the opportunity at hand.

What other referral programs at sports events have you seen?


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