AC Milan Facebook presence

World’s Most Popular Football Teams on Facebook

Sports Marketing

As football clubs look to international audiences, I wanted to look at which club is the most popular on Social media.

In this review we are initially going to focus on just Facebook.

Best Supported Soccer Clubs (2)

  1. Barcelona: 77m
  2. Real Madrid: 75m
  3. Manchester United: 60m
  4. Chelsea: 37m
  5. Arsenal: 30m
  6. AC Milan: 23m
  7. Liverpool: 23m
  8. Bayern Munich: 22m
  9. Manchester City: 16m
  10. Juventus: 14m

Numbers are from October 25th, 2014

As you can see it’s a battle at the top amongst the two La Liga giants with only Manchester United coming close.

The global appeal of Messi and Ronaldo have certainly helped these teams grow their brand on the behemoth social network platform that is Facebook.


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