Marketing Events NYC: Pinterest, Cause Marketing, Email Tactics and More

Marketing Events NYC

Here is a list of the top Marketing marketing events in the city of New York this week.


How Airbnb’s New York Ad Campaign Worked

Marketing Campaigns in NYC

Airbnb are one of my favorite startup companies. I have rented my apartment in Shanghai, and stayed in rented rooms in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Montreal, and New York and the experience has always been top notch.

One of the surprises when I arrived in New York was the lack of airbnb listings in the city. Soon enough I found out that the room sharing business had met resistance from the local government and specifically the hotel business.

In an attempt to garner support from locals in the city and to increase general awareness, airbnb have run an extensive campaign in the city. Let’s take a look at some of the marketing they had in place.