Ad Analysis: Uber Now Cheaper Than a Taxi

Marketing Campaigns in NYC

Uber is one of the darlings of the sharing economy world and they’ve been pushing hard to get mass adoption in cities like New York.

Here we take a quick look at their latest advertisement on the streets of the big apple!


The Advertisement: Uber is now cheaper than a taxi

The Call to Action: Go to or download their app on the Apple or Google Play store

The Landing Page: Once you go to, you are met with a relatively consistent message with the ad. You are prompted to Sign Up and Ride with UberX. In the original advertisement, UberX is not mentioned, most likely so as not to confuse people.

uber-header uber-hail

Again it reiterates that it is cheaper than a taxi, with some additional messaging about how you never have to hail a taxi again, and then 3 other slides highlighting the benefits in full: Real-time tracking with in-app payment, luxury to low-cost rides, and the availability of the service in 41 countries worldwide so that you can travel like a local when you’re abroad.

The End Goal for Uber: Uber want you to download their app, and the Sign Up button brings you to a form to complete your details online before installing the service on your phone. There is also a related coupon code: nycuberx2, which will allow Uber marketers to track the efficiency of this advertisement.



The message that Uber is now cheaper than a taxi is definitely something that will resonate with people. Uber has often been seen as a more upscale service, but if you can actually save money by using their cars, then that’s another win for the company over the taxi industry.

The URL is simple enough to remember, but there is not real incentive for people to go to this landing page over say itself. Therefore, to track the success of the campaign in direct traffic and sign ups it may be hard as people go to both destinations [ and].

Overall, the Uber ad is clear and clean, and the process that they ask you to follow is simple and easy to follow. While I do have my hesitations as to whether people will actually go to that direct URL, I do think people will remember the fact that Uber (to be specific, UberX) is now cheaper than a normal taxi – I know I will.





One thought on “Ad Analysis: Uber Now Cheaper Than a Taxi

  1. I’m intrested in knowing what cars uber willl lease to there drivers???what are the cheapest cars uber will lease?

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