Why Getting Your Users to the AHA! Moment is so Important

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Holy crap! This thing is amazing!

That feeling right there is called the Eureka Effect or the Aha! moment, which Wikipedia defines like so:

The eureka effect, also known as the aha! moment, refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.

In a business example, there are many situations when a potential customer of yours does not fully understand your service or product. If they don’t understand it, they’ll be a lot less likely to use or purchase it. The aha! moment is that feeling that you need them to arrive at as soon as you can. From that time on, the chances of them continuing to use your service will increase.

In this post, I am going to talk about my experience with Citibike in New York, how I felt the aha! moment, and then what you can do as a business to get your users to that crucial point.


It’s not like I haven’t cycled a bike before, so I knew the value of cycling and how it saves time on transport.

Selling me on the value of Citibike was not a tough sell, but I still needed that extra push.

Questions like these ran through my head:

  • Is it worth the money?
  • Would I end up using it at all? Especially if it is too cold or hot.
  • Are the bikes clunky and hard to ride?

After thinking through it, I thought 100 USD seemed pretty reasonable, but I still procrastinated and didn’t sign up until 3 months after my arrival in New York [Yes, it was freezing when I came in the winter, but there certainly were days when I could have used it].

I didn’t have too many concerns about the ROI I would get from using Citibike, but I did delay signing up, because I hadn’t experienced the real power of the service yet.

This is key, so I’ll repeat this point.

I had not experienced the real power of Citibike and thus I didn’t really know what I was missing out on.


With Citibike, after I had overcome a couple of small obstacles to get signed up (pay online, wait for key to arrive, activate key online) – I was ready to go.

I went to a docking area that I had no idea how to operate. I slotted in the key and immediately the bike was available. So clean and quick.

I was not at the aha! moment just yet.

After I dislodged the bike from the doc, I began to cycle from the metro to my home. As I was peddling, I thought…

“WOW – I now have a bike that I can go anywhere in the city, which I can pick up at any time, which will also save me so much walking time, and that will get me to work faster…and….and….”. 

The ideas began to explode.

The potential of the product took over. All I needed was a quick ride on the bike and I was sold.

When I docked the bike near my house, I had a mini-aha moment (an aftershock, if you will). The fact that the parking area was so close and that I could park and not think about the security of the bike was so satisfying.

Since then, I have come across issues such as lack of docking spaces at night, and broken docking places – but all that is just a minor inconvenience in comparison to that amazing first trial.

So, what can you learn from this?


For your company, you need to get users to that aha! moment as fast as possible.

The key component is this:


Nobody likes having to work to use a product or service. So, make it as simple as possible for people to be able to start using what you have on offer.

If you are a website search tool, for example, one of the first calls to action [CTA] can be a search box. Don’t put anything else in the way. If the aha! moment is the results that come from a specific search, then get them to those results immediately.

Google is a perfect example of this.

On Google’s main page there are no distractions. They want you to search – and that’s it. One clear goal, after which they hope you will see the power of their service.

No matter what business you are in, you should think about any obstacles you are putting in the way of your customers. Remove them, and put your value proposition front and centre.

Let them experience what you have to offer, and avoid delaying them with unnecessary explanations of what you do. For example, if your service is Online Life-Coaching, let them see what you and your consultations are like as soon as they arrive on your home page. A video of a previous consultation, or a short video about who you are all help the visitor to see the immediate value.

So to summarize – the question you have to ask yourself is – “Am I letting my customers experience the magic of my product as early as possible?”

Alright, I’ve finished for now, and am going to Citibike happily home!


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